Ladies' Sapphire Blue, Hand Knit, Cabled Socks are made in a rich blue color brings to mind jewels and gems and shades of royalty.

These socks should fit women with approximate shoe sizes 9-10 1/2.  Knit with silky soft 100% acrylic yarn so there is no scratchy wool to bother your skin. They feature several different cables knit along the ankle and top of the sock. At the top, there is extra long ribbing so that they can be rolled, adding a touch of fun to the ensemble. These socks would make a great gift to yourself or to someone you love who has cold feet in the winter. By wearing them around the house, you can save money on heating by keeping your house or apartment at a cooler temperature. They also make great socks to wear in bed. In addition to being stylish, they are eco-friendly!

One nice feature of these hand knit socks is that they are knit with thicker yarn and larger needles than commercially produced socks. Whenever you walk in them, it feels like a tiny massage for your feet.

Made in USA

Sapphire Blue Hand Knit, Ladies, Cabled Socks, Size Large

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  • Size:  Large (ladies shoe size 9-10 1/2)
    Material:  100% acrylic
    To clean:  Machine wash warm water, gentle cycle, no bleach. Tumble dry on low heat on delicate setting. Or hand wash, then lay flat to dry.  No iron