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Purple velvet pillows evoke memories of fairy tale lands where stories like Cinderella's just might come true!

Purple, long the color of royalty, is brought together with the luxury of velvet in this gold-trimmed pillow fit for a princess. Around the edges, silky gold cording is braided into an intricate design and securely stitched to the velvet.   Each corner of the pillow is adorned with a knotted gold tassel. The center of each pillow is secured by two buttons covered with matching purple velvet which gives the pillow a pleasing, plump look.   Inside, a muslin pillow form filled with hypoallergenic polyfiberfill stuffing helps to give the pillow its shape. 

This purple velvet cushion could be used for so many things. It could be the center piece at a bridal shower or wedding reception table. It could be used by a handsome prince to propose to his beautiful princess. Perhaps it is where one rests a favored tiara or crystal slipper when retiring for the night. Placed in a sofa or bed, it would make a lovely accent piece. The uses for this pillow are only limited by your imagination.


The color of the pillow changes with lighting source.  In daylight, it appears as a vibrant purple while in artificial lighting the purple is deeper.

Made in USA


Purple Velvet Cinderella-Style Pillow with Gold Trim and Tassels, 10"

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