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These medium blue, soft, denim overalls have been carefully crafted to look like an already broken in, well-worn, beloved piece of clothing. They have fade marks and artfully created holes on the bib pocket and on the lower edges of the pants. The bib and front pockets are faced with a fun plaid fabric made of orange, cream and red.

To coordinate with this plaid, I have painted retro, psychedelic birds, hearts and flowers on the right leg and at the top of the bib. The bib has a large flower topped with a heart. Among the twisting vines and leaves beneath it are more hearts (some disguised as flowers!) and yet another flower.

The lower right leg has a larger, more detailed picture that is a full 9" long. At the top is a gaily colored rooster with a large, festively colored plumed tail. His wing has several different colors (gold, orange, red, blue) and designs to it. His breast feathers are painted with a series of little circles. Beneath him are several styles of flowers with leaves and vines (mirroring the design on the upper bib) in shades of green. Beneath the flowers and vines are team of two brightly decorated blue quail who are looking back over their shoulders. The quail stand atop more vines and red/orange/gold flowers that help to balance the overall design.

A great deal of time and detail have been put into these paintings. Each color is created with a subtle depth requiring the blending of several layers of paint. The paint I used for the project is a soft flexible fabric paint, so the garment should maintain its comfortable nature.

The overall bib has two front pockets. One is large and can be accessed from the top or from either side. The other one is smaller and is partially behind the larger one. To fasten the garment, there are 4 metal buttons on each side. There are 5 belt loops in case one should have the need. There are two pockets on the sides of the pants (one each side), and two back pockets. The pants are permanently cuffed.

These overalls would correspond to a US size 2 ( size XS ), or a Chinese small. They would also fit teen girls who are at the upper end of their size range. I have given all of the dimensions of the overalls so that you can judge if they will fit or not. Remember to allow a little bit of room between your actual measurements and the measurements of the garment.

Why not treat yourself or your daughter to this fun painted pair of overalls? With them, you can experience the fun we had -  way back when - when we decorated our clothes with inspiring designs. Go know you want to!

Made in USA

Psychedelic Rooster Hand Painted Ladies Overalls, sz. 2

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  • Size:  US size 2 (XS) or Chinese Small
     Finished Dimensions:
       The length of the outfit, from the top of the bib to the hem is 30" / 76 cm.
       As you can see in the photos, there is a "waistband" for the overalls. The measurement at that point is 33" /84 cm.
       The measurement at the hip is 36.25" / 92 cm.
       The thigh is 20" / 52 cm around, and the inseam is 11/5" / 29 cm.
    Material:  100% cotton
    To clean: Wash in cold water. No bleach. Hang to dry. Warm iron. If you iron the overalls, I would suggest not placing the iron directly on the fabric paint. Instead, press from the back.

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