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A veritable garden of butterflies will alight on your bed with this colorful, handmade quilt!

Handmade Butterfly Quilt would be perfect for a young lady who has outgrown a princess themed room yet still wants something pretty and delicate for her bed.  The soft colors are feminine and would compliment any girl's room.  Imagine her and her friends sitting on the bed, chatting and sharing secrets during sleepovers or wrapped up on a chilly winter night. This quilt could be your way to give your growing young lady a hug even when you are not around.

Or, this Butterfly Quilt could brighten your guest bedroom with a patchwork look reminiscent of the quilts Grandma used to make.  The soft, cozy quilt would welcome your guests and help them to feel at home.

As a throw on the back of the couch, it could be used for snuggling in front of the TV sharing quiet moments with the ones you love.  There are so many uses for this colorful, Butterfly quilt. 

Butterfly quilt is made of dozens of different fabrics, all tied together with a butterfly-themed border and butterfly-themed sashing between the blocks.  The border is itself a bright patchwork of ginghams and stripes interspersed with dots and of course butterflies.  The sashing fabric is a more subdued pastel peach color with childlike drawings of  butterflies printed on it.  The field of the quilt has many, many white blocks with a butterfly in each one. 

This kaleidoscopic Butterfly Quilt is made to fit a standard twin sized bed.  It measures 62" x 76' (157.5 cm x 193 cm).  The batting used in this quilt is unusually soft.  It feels as if it has already been washed many times and is "broken in".   The quilt is hand quilted, and the border is done in a geometric design to offset the organic lines of the many butterflies.

Creating one of these quilts is extremely labor intensive. First, paper pattern pieces must be made for each set of butterfly wings as well as for each body. Different fabrics are then basted to each piece of paper, and stitching lines marked on them. After sewing each of these pieces to the background fabric, the basting is pulled out, the paper is removed, and the block is embroidered. After all of the blocks are appliqued the antennae are embroidered by hand, the top of the quilt is layered over batting and backing. It is basted, then hand quilted together. After that, it is trimmed, and the raw edges are stitched by hand. The binding is sewn on the front by machine and on the back by hand. Each of these quilts takes several months to create.

Quilt has not been prewashed. Once you launder it, it should develop the lovely characteristic, crinkled quilt look.

Bring a touch of old fashioned patchwork to your home with this unique, Butterfly Quilt!


Made in USA

Butterfly Quilt, Patchwork, Twin Sized, Handmade

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  • Size:  Twin 62" x 76" (157.5 cm x 193 cm)
    Materials:   Front:      100% cotton
         Batting:   100% cotton
         Backing:  100% cotton
    To clean: Machine wash cool water, gentle cycle or wash by hand using your favorite technique for quilt care. Do not bleach. Hang to dry or tumble dry low. No iron.


    PA residents must add 6% Sales Tax.

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