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This slim fit, Black Maple Colored Cabled Pullover would look impressive on any man. Hand knit of an incredibly soft 100% merino wool, the sweater is comfortable enough to wear by itself but would look equally good over a buttoned shirt or a T-shirt.

This richly colored V-neck sweater is made of a heathered yarn with tiny red and blue flecks throughout it. Depending on the light, it can look brown, deep red or very dark plum.  The sweater features multiple, narrow cables along the front, back and both sleeves. The cables not only look sophisticated but they give the garment extra stretch while maintaining a trim silhouette for the wearer. It also has a V-neck collar for the man who don't like clothing close against his neck.

This sweater is hand knit with a double knit weight yarn on narrow needles which means there are more stitches per inch than with most other sweaters. The medium weight wool gives the sweater a wonderful drape and stretchiness. My favorite part about this sweater is that it is comfortably warm without being smothering. It can keep you cozy outdoors raking leaves yet comfortable indoors at a family get together.

In the photos, the darker colored ones are the most accurate in describing the color of the sweater. Its colors are dark, similar to those of a raisin.  I have included the lighter photos so that you can better see the texture of the ribbing and all the work that has gone into the garment.

Shirt not included.


Made in USA

Black Maple Man's Hand Knit Cabled V-Neck Sweater, sz. 42 Large,

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  • Size:  Large (Should fit chest up to 42"/ 107 cm)
     Finished Dimensions:
      Chest: 44" / 112 cm
      From shoulder to base of hem: 28.25" / 71.75 cm
      Sleeve from top of shoulder to cuff: 19.75" / 50.16 cm
    To clean:  Hand wash then shape and lay flat to dry.  Or it  machine wash cool water.  No bleach. Tumble dry low. No iron.

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