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Whether used decoratively as a wall hanging or practically as a lap cover, this handmade Madison House Quilt will always be ready to remind you that there is no place like home!

Madison House Quilt is pieced of many different fabrics. 
The nine houses in the quilt differ slightly to create a subtle checkerboard effect.  Each house is made of an appropriately named, red and green plaid homespun fabric, but the details of the blocks alternate with the position of the house on the quilt.

In the windows, a cozy, golden light glows.  Mullions are hand quilted with a coordinating golden thread in each.  Lower level doors are created of beige fabrics with either a tan trellis or a red and green floral design.  Upper level doors are made of coordinating, darker brown fabrics with either a tonal leaf print or a grass print.   First and second floor balconies are made in either light or medium grays. At the base of each house is a patch of lawn.  Grass alternates between an emerald, tonal floral print and an olive fern leaf print. The roofs are charcoal with black grid design or black with charcoal floral design.  Roofs are hand quilted with scalloped shingles in black.  Each house has two chimneys.  Chimneys are in either a medium brown or a dark brown, each with gold accents in the fabric design.  Behind each house is a cheerful, cream colored sky with a tiny rosebud print.  Surrounding this "neighborhood" of houses is a pine tree green border/greenway with a hashtag print.  

The batting in the Madison House Quilt is soft, 100% cotton. Cotton batting has a wonderful drape and is very cozy to curl up under. Cotton is also a renewable resource.

Madison House Quilt is hand quilted.  Details of the houses are ou