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This heirloom quality handmade patchwork Hebrew Alphabet Picture  Quilt is not just for babies.  It would make a beautiful gift for any member of the family. For the little ones, the colorful, illustrated blocks would introduce them to the alphabet of their ancestors. For adults, it could be a wall hanging used as a conversation piece in the home. For seniors, it could provide a connection to home that they may be missing if they are in a residential care facility. For a family member who has had a stroke, the alphabet and pictures could provide good exercise for their recovering brains. Recently, one of my quilts was passed from its original owner down to her soon-to-be-born great granddaughter. What a beautiful linking of the generations!

Consider the advantages of exposing your baby to a second language early in life. Perhaps your little one will stand a better chance of being admitted to his/her first choice college or will land a prestigious overseas job. Hebrew is a language rich with history and this Handmade Hebrew Alphabet Quilt could help your child to start learning early.

Each block in the Hebrew Alphabet Quilt has a colorful letter and a cheerful picture of an item starting with that letter. For letters with variations to them, both forms are represented in