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Little Boy's Hand Knit Argyle Sweater Vest is a "must have" for the dressed-for-success student of today. Made of merino wool and wool blend yarn, it is soft and stylish and will keep your boy not-too-hot and not-too-cool as he pursues his studies.
Argyle knits are very popular this year in menswear. I created a smaller version of the classic vest for boys in nice, neutral shades. The back, V-neck opening and armhole edges are done in a dark chocolate color. The diamond shapes on the front are done in milk chocolate and oatmeal colors. Crossing them are X's in oatmeal and cherry. Overall, a delicious addition to a young man's wardrobe.
Although small, this argyle vest is complex and time-consuming to make. It requires 11 bobbins to establish the diamond design. After the knitting is complete, there are dozens of ends to weave in and the X pattern to sew in duplicate stitch across each diamond in contrasting colored yarn. This vest is created of a lighter weight yarn that requires more stitches per inch than one made of worsted weight. The finer yarn gives the vest greater flexibility while still maintaining the warmth of wool.

Dress Shirt and Green Argyle Vest sold separately. (Bow Tie not included.)


Made in USA

Hand Knit Brown Argyle Sweater Vest, Size 2-4

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  • Size:  Boy's 2-4  (chest size 20" -22" / 51 cm -56 cm)
     Finished Dimensions:  
      Circumference at chest: 25 1/2" / 65 cm 
      Base of neck to bottom of ribbing:   16"/ 41 cm

           Dark brown, medium brown and red : 100% merino wool. 
      Cream yarn: 86% acrylic, 10% wool, 4% rayon.

    To clean:  Wash gently by hand in cool water with as little agitation as you can. This wool can felt if it is twisted or handled too much when wet. To dry, lay flat between towels to absorb as much moisture as possible, then lay flat on a sweater drying rack.

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