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Giving your child a Farsi/Persian Alphabet Quilt  at an early age may provide him or her with advantages in life through exposure to an Eastern language when it is easiest to learn.  Perhaps your little one will stand a better chance of being admitted to his/her first choice university or will land a prestigious overseas job. Farsi is a wonderfully organized language and this Persian/Farsi Alphabet Quilt could help your child to start learning early.

Each block in this Handmade Farsi/Persian Alphabet Quilt has a colorful letter and a cheerful picture of an item starting with that letter. The non-letter blocks have coordinating dragonflies and butterflies to tie them to the border fabric. The layout of the items and letters in the field is very important. There must be a balance of colors, and the placement of the pictures should create a sense of movement where the eye is constantly drawn to the next square.

Persian Alphabet Quilt is bordered with an aqua colored fabric with iridescent dragonflies and butterflies scattered across it. The beautiful blue fabric even has a hint of sparkle to it. The border of the quilt is quilted in a twisted rope design. The organic shape of the rope helps to balance the geometric shape of the alphabet blocks. The binding for the quilt is the same as the border fabric.

Creating one of these quilts is extremely labor intensive from marking the border lines between the blocks to hand appliqueing and hand embroidering the blocks to finally hand quilting it. To create each block, paper pattern pieces must be designed and made for each picture and letter as well as for each layer of color in each block. Different fabrics are then basted to the each piece of paper, and stitching lines marked on them. After sewing each of these basted pieces to the background fabric, the basting is pulled out, the paper is removed, and the block is embroidered. After all of the blocks are appliqued and embroidered, the top of the quilt is layered over batting and backing. It is basted, then hand quilted together.