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Understated elegance is the theme of this matching handmade ecru linen blend tablecloth and four napkin set.  Imagine serving your next luncheon on this delicate, handmade tablecloth set. It is sure to capture attention as one of the few examples of openwork tableware being produced today.

The ecru colored linen blend set was made using the drawn thread technique where actual warp and weft fibers are removed from the fabric, leaving open spaces in the weave. Along the edge of the open space, I tied two fibers at a time of these exposed warps/wefts by hand with a coordinating color thread. Every five or so knots, I secured the thread to the fabric so that it could not shift. Along the opposite side of the row, I did the same thing, but moved the knots by two fibers to make the "V" effect in the open spaces. Creating an openwork project like this is very labor intensive and takes an incredible amount of time to do. Threads have to be drawn to square the outer edge of the fabric. More threads must be drawn (without breaking any cross fibers) in order to create the open spaces. There is a lot of measuring, pinning and hemming in addition to tying all of the tiny knots that go to make up the "V" design.

The hem of the tablecloth is 1.5" deep and is sewn entirely by hand. The roll of fabric along the edges gives it a nice weight so that it hangs beautifully. The open work design begins 1 5/8" from the edge of the tablecloth and is apx. 3/16" wide. The fine fabric of this tablecloth is so soft it feels like silk and drapes in soft folds from any table.

Each of the four matching ecru napkins is 15" square and is made of the same fabric as the tablecloth. The napkins feature a narrow, 1/4" hand stitched hem. The openwork design of the napkins has the same "V" design as the tablecloth. The design starts apx. 1" from the finished edge and is apx. 1/8" wide. Each napkin was hand tied as well.

Tea set not included.

This set is not an antique. It was not factory produced. All of the work was done by hand.


Made in USA

Drawnwork Linen Weave Tablecloth and Napkin 5 Piece Set, Handmade

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  • Finished dimensions: 
      Tablecloth 50" x 50" (127 cm x 127 cm)
       Napkins 15" x 15" (38.1 cm x 38.1 cm)
    Materials:  55% linen 45% rayon
    To clean:  Wash in warm or cold water. Tumble dry delicate cycle or hang to dry. Press using warm steam iron.

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