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This beautiful, touchable, Braille Alphabet Quilt would be perfect for a vision-impaired child or for any little one you would like to introduce to another alphabet at an early age.

In the center of each Braille Alphabet / Tactile Quilt block, large Roman letters are hand-appliqued in a variety of high-contrast colors. Braille letters are hand-appliqued in red, wide wale corduroy for a distinctive feel. The border of the quilt has many patchwork blocks with either young jungle animals or baby items such as bottles, binkies, booties and bibs. (Coincidentally, they are also alliterative!) These colorful blocks will provide baby with many interesting images to study when he or she has quiet time or is bundled in the quilt . The border is quilted with a rattle design that mirrors the rattle design in the print. The field of this quilt is quilted to designate blocks and create narrow borders between them as well as outlining each Roman and Braille letter