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This is a great item for Back to School!

Your young man will definitely be noticed when he wears his fashionable Argyle Sweater Vest. Argyle Vest creates a tailored, (not boxy) silhouette that will flatter your boy. It features the traditional argyle diamond-and-X pattern and has ribbed trim along the neck edge, armholes and hem.  This vest would look particularly nice with khaki, black or denim pants.

This Four Color Argyle Vest is made of soft, washable merino wool and a coordinating wool blend yarn. The back of the vest and the ribbed trim are of a dark coal black. The front has alternating green and cream colored diamonds with deep red X's crossing them to create the classic argyle pattern.

Although small, this argyle vest is complex and time-consuming to make. It requires 13 bobbins to establish the diamond design. After the knitting is complete, there are dozens of ends to weave in and the X pattern to sew in duplicate stitch across each diamond. This vest is created of a lighter weight yarn that requires more stitches per inch than one made of worsted weight. The finer yarn gives the vest greater flexibility while still maintaining the warmth of wool.

An Argyle Sweater Vest is a must for any young man's closet. It will provide the foundation for many outfits for school, for parties and for religious services. Plus, studies have shown that children that dress for success are often more likely to achieve it. Start giving your child the edge he will need to compete at university and in life starting with this classic Argyle Sweater Vest.

Jacket, shirt and tie not included.


Made in USA

Boy's Hand Knit Wool Argyle Sweater Vest in Green, Black and Cream

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  • Size: 

    Boy's 2-4 (chest size 20" -22" / 51 cm -56 cm)

                     Finished chest size: 25 1/2"(65 cm)

                     From base of neck to bottom of ribbing: 16" (41 cm)


    Boys 4-6  (chest size 24-26" / 61 cm - 66 cm)
                  Finished chest size: 30.5" / 77.5 cm
               From base of neck to bottom of ribbinb: 17.75" / 45 cm

    Materials:  Black:  100% washable merino wool
          Green:  100% washable merino wool
          Red:  100% washable merino wool
         Cream:  80% acrylic / 20% wool
    To clean: Machine wash delicate cycle with lukewarm water and mild detergent.  No bleach. No fabric softener.  Tumble dry low. Or wash by hand, then shape and lay flat to dry. No iron.

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